Native Advertising on the Visual Web

It’s one of the hottest buzzwords in marketing, but what exactly does native mean? Is it a sponsorship? An advertorial? Branded content? At its core, native is about advertising that aligns itself stylistically with the content of its host publication: it’s commercial content that is native to its editorial.

However, depending on those surroundings and on the context in which it appears, it can take many forms:

Editorial Native:  Appears in a similar style and content to the articles that surround it

Social Native:  Advertising that is within the user’s social feed

Display Native:  Integrated content within an advertiser’s display unit in execution and strategy, they share one important element: they leverage big, beautiful images.

The Web is becoming a more visual medium. Adoption of new devices and technology are creating a world where videos and photos are more widely shared than they have have ever been. Marketers are primed to take advantage of visual storytelling.

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Author: Dorian Benkoil

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