Rishad Tobaccowala: Lessons From The Election, For Marketers

The ripples from the presidential election are still sweeping over the U.S. and the world. We thought to ask what the election means to our world of advertisers, marketers and publishers. Here’s what Rishad Tobaccowala had to say. His title is Strategy & Growth Officer, Publicis Groupe (the “e” is their French-ification), but more than that he’s one of the best global observers interpreting the sweeping changes. Here is what he said via  email.

“This election underlined four key things for marketers to take in mind:

A) Data while important is not sufficient and can and often is overwhelmed by emotion which is harder to measure.

B) We need to be worried about our internal biases which filter out data. Either because most media and marketers are coastal or big-city based we missed the signals from the Heartland.

C) Trends overwhelm everything. Critical to understand the trend. This was in hindsight an election about Change. Bernie and Trump signaled that the status quo was in question. Change versus more of the same and even if Change sounded less competent that did not matter.

D) Simple messages and stances is key. ‘Make America Great Again’ overwhelmed policy papers and the somewhat sterile [Clinton slogans — ‘Stronger Together,’ ‘I’m With Her,’ and ‘Love Trumps Hate’], which was more an anti-Trump than a future vision.”

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We’ll have more from Rishad and other smart observers. Stay tuned.

Author: Dorian Benkoil

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