Researching Whether Research Works

Maybe it seems circular and just a wee bit self-serving to do research that proves the worth of the research we do.

But have you seen our research paper that shows technology buyers think research-based content works better than all other forms of MadTech marketing?

We gathered our data by surveying 164 advertising and brand marketing experts from our inimitable panel of 45,000 execs in advertising, brand marketing and publishing. A sub-group answered follow-up interview questions.

We were surprised by the conclusions they gave us.

We had expected research to come up relatively high on the list of techniques marketers of MadTech should use to reach and influence prospects and generate leads. After all, if you’ve got data to support your assertions, you’re making a stronger case than just saying how great you are or writing fluff.

Plus, crafted well and distributed deftly, research-based content will attract the right kinds of people just as they need the kinds of help you can give them. If nothing else, you look smart, which can’t hurt (unless you’re in a really mean school cafeteria). Over time, research-based content adds up to more leads, more sales and better customers.

Still, we thought buyers of media, advertising and marketing technologies might prefer the high-touch of trade shows or maybe the expediency of emails. They told us, instead, that vendors should lead with research-based content, and use that content to support the shows, newsletters and other forms of outreach.

We lay out the data, our analysis, and more ways you can exploit research-based content in the paper, which you can download for free here, and then also get the underlying data. We’ll present some of the findings at our upcoming breakfast roundtable with PluggedIn BD, all about marketing and email automation. (Discount code “ii17,” for 30% off.)

Oh, and by the way, one of the illustrious sources we interviewed for the study said that research-based content works even when it IS self-serving. So, there.

Author: Dorian Benkoil

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