The Year Header Bidding Went Mainstream

Media We Like: “Header Bidding & Consolidation: 2016 MadTech Recap”

This week, the I.I. team brings our collection of 2016 recaps in MarTech and AdTech. What is going to happen in 2017? Stay tuned next week.  (See our previous headline roundup here.)

Digital advertising: Where we are now and where we’re headed (The Drum) – Dec. 15, 2016
There’s one theme that unifies much of what happened in ad tech over the past year: change. Header bidding was, without a doubt, the top trend of the year. And other keywords are video and consolidation.

The Year Header Bidding Went Mainstream (AdExchanger) – Dec 27, 2016
A timeline listing what the major players did in each month.

M&A 2016: The Year Ad Tech Cautiously Rose Again (AdExchanger) – Dec. 30, 2016
Ad tech M&A has been a roller coaster in recent years, and 2016 certainly didn’t let up. In 2015, public and private marketplace sentiment cooled, but 2016 saw a resurgence – albeit a much more cautious one than in years past.

Why 2016 Was The Beginning of The End of The Current Ad Tech Cycle (ExchangeWire) – Dec. 23, 2016
There is a sense in the industry that there needs to be a ‘clear out’ of the current crop of programmatic vendors – beginning from Adobe’s acquisition of TubeMogul to the coming AppNexus IPO.

The Year in Technology: 2016 in Charts (Bloomberg Gadfly) – Dec 30, 2016
Advertising becomes a two-horse race as Google and Facebook accounted for 58% US digital ad revenue in 2016.

10 Media and Advertising Predictions That Didn’t Come True in 2016 (The Wall Street Journal) – Dec 29, 2016
Things that didn’t happen like “the ad tech sector would be decimated”; “TV advertising, like it always had, would help decide the election”; and “media metrics would get solved.”

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Author: Melody Terng

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