How Ad Ops is Changing

Ad ops managers face the challenge of interacting with internal and external groups, coupled with the challenge of an evolving digital landscape and ever-changing metrics.

At PluggedIn BD’s recent roundtable discussion, industry professionals explored the current demands of ad ops and what we may see in the future.

“The job gets harder over time instead of easier, which is counter-intuitive,” said Ben Reid, CEO of Elasticiti, citing increasing demands and the difficulty of maintaining both quality and scale.

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There was a general consensus that the role of ad ops is changing and, to an extent, uncertain. You can read the rest here.


SpinMedia: Reena Mehta, Senior Director, Advertising Operations

Yeildmo: Dan Contento, SVP Operations

National Geographic: Eileen Moroney, Vice President, Digital Advertising Business and Operations

StudyBreak Media: Ahmed Karim, Senior Yield Operations Specialist

Merkle: Angelina Eng, VP Ad Operations

Yieldbot: Mike Siems, VP Publisher Development

Elasticiti: Ben Reid, CEO

SmartyAds: Ivan Guzenko, CEO

Jun Group: Pallavi Garg, Director, Strategy & Operations

Huddled Masses: Charles Cantu, CEO

Author: Dorian Benkoil

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