The Multiple Benefits of Research-Based Content

Our recent study found that research-based content is the best way to reach and influence senior marketing and advertising professionals. But the benefits don’t stop there and include:

  • Creating a virtuous cycle. Research can form the linchpin of a cycle of content discovery, thought leadership, influence, customer retention and lead generation all centered around the research findings.
  • More content germination. The research provides material to enhance and reinforce other content creation and distribution efforts. It can be the seed around which articles and blog posts are created.
  • Social media become more enticing when they can use aspects of original research and promise more upon click-through.
  • Email newsletters are made stronger when offering proprietary original research-based content.
  • Videos and podcasts get new source material.
  • Trade conferences are made be stronger for vendors who can hand out original research.
  • Panel discussions and presentations are enhanced by material that springs from original research findings.
  • It inspires sharing, further spreading awareness of the tech vendor’s brand. “Many times [brands and agencies] use it for the stats and data in their own business plans to justify and provide rationale around the budgets against a tech solution and to sell in that strategy,” says Sean Finnegan, Managing Partner, co/Star.
  • It extends reach more than a trade show booth.
  • It can generate press coverage. 
  • It leads to discovery of the tech vendor who provided it. Many marketing and advertising technology decision-makers will search for relevant content when they’re considering a purchase and then find the material.

“Research-based content establishes the vendor who produced it as an intelligent and useful potential partner who knows the spheres in which it operates, who understands how to help customers achieve their objectives,” Finnegan says.

To see details of the findings and learn more, please download our paper, here.

Author: Dorian Benkoil

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