93% Want It. Only 14% Get It

If you’re trying to please someone, would you try to give them something they want?

Thought so.

And, yet, while 93% of executives in a position to buy technology say that relevant research will positively impact their perception of a tech vendor, only 14% say they regularly receive research or thought leadership that’s relevant.

The executives say they want research-based content that’s useful and tells them something new. Such content, they say, will get them to look for and do business with vendors who provide it.

These are just some of the findings of our recent study, “Research + Content = MadTech Sales.”

Vendors are Misallocating Marketing Budgets

The study finds that while vendors think that trade shows and articles in the press are the most effective ways they can use their limited marketing budgets to generate interest and capture leads, the brand marketers and agency executives they are trying to reach most want research-based content.

They tell us they place research-driven thought leadership atop all other forms of outreach, including emails and trade shows.

Plus, it’s only research-based content and email newsletters that work for a majority of respondents to our survey. Everything else came in at under 50 percent. And email  works only when it’s extremely personal or includes something original such as, you guessed it, research. Which means research-driven thought leadership is the best way to increase the effectiveness of emails, not to mention trade shows and other forms of marketing.

“If there’s someone that’s actually trying to help me do my job better in some way, then that goes a really long way,” one CMO told us.

Download the study here for more information on what works when marketing to MadTech decision-makers at brands and agencies.

Author: Dorian Benkoil

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