Content Roundup: More Isn’t Merrier — AdTech Flotilla — Google’s € Bill

Here’s some of our fav MadTech news from June:  Will pubs keep winning in the header bidding game? (Catch up our Header Bidding Roundtable here) – The Tech Armada  – Google’s Euro Fines – Two Retail Giants do Battle…

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More Isn’t Merrier: Redundant Header Bidders Are Destabilizing The Drum, Jun. 27, 2017

Pubs love header bidding, but now pubs have an average of 10 header bidders…
#HeaderBidding #Pubs

Google Hit With Record EU Fine BBC News, Jun. 27, 2017
Google Shopping may account for 74% of all retail-related ads clicked on its SERPs. Will Google make changes or pay $14M a day?
#International #Search #Financial

Walmart Telling Vendors to Stop Using Amazon’s Cloud Business Insider, Jun. 22, 2017
With Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods and Walmart’s purchases of, Modcloth, and Bonobos – the war is officially on.
#ECommerce #Retail #Showtime

Top 6 AdTech Companies to Watch in 2017 Entrepreneur, Jun. 16, 2017
Advertising trends tend to be short-lived…will these six companies have red-letter years?
#Madtech #OnesToWatch

Cannes Briefing: The Battle Of The Ad Tech Yachts Digiday, Jun. 20, 2017
You may have missed being there, but you don’t need to miss the yacht LUMAcape.
#MadTechFlotilla #Cannes17 #OverdoingIt



July 5 – 9  /  Apple WWDC, San Jose, CA

July 10 – 14  /  Esri User Conference, San Diego, CA

July 17 – 18  /  Digital Publishing Innovation Summit, New York, NY

July 23 – 25 /  MMA Mobile CEO Summit, Napa, CA


Content Roundup: Squad Goals — Naming Your AI — Tasty Charts and Graphs

Here’s some of our fav MadTech news from the last two weeks — pubs & techies team up to solve targeting issues, proper care and feeding of your new AI…  And if you missed out our OTT Roundtable, catch up here.

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TV Industry Mobilizing to Secure Its Fair Share  AdExchange, May 15, 2017
Fox, Turner and Viacom recently announced an audience targeting alliance.
#targeting #consortium #publishers #adtech

MadTech v Goliath Media Post, May 4, 2017
Team sports continue as tech throws-in to rival Facebook and Google on the targeting front.
#targeting #adtech


Why Tech Companies Like IBM & Amazon Give AI Human Names  Adweek, May 24, 2017
Watson, Alexa to Einstein (and the disappeared Hemingway) – Who named these AIs?
#AI #ibm

Salesforce CEO Uses AI to End Internal Politics  Business Insider, May 18, 2017
Executives face being pointed out as needed specific attention by the company’s AI Einstein…
#AI #salesforce


Google Knows When Its Users Buy Stuff  The Washington Post, May 23, 2017
Google’s hands are now on billions of credit card transaction records. They “declined to detail how the new system works.”
#o2o #privacyIssue #google #PII

Facebook & Google Dominate Web Traffic, But Not the Same Business Insider, May 24, 2017
80% of referral traffic comes from just these two – Facebook for lifestyle, Google for tech and business. Do you agree?
#referral #monopoly


The State Of Programmatic Direct In 4 Charts  DigiDay, May 16, 2017
Due to open-exchange being “a proverbial black box,” programmatic direct ad spend has increased 50% in 5 major countries from 2015 to 2016. And publishers are moving away…


June 6 – 8  /  Social Innovation Summit, Chicago, IL

June 7 – 9 /  99U Conference, New York, NY

June 17 – June 24  /  Cannes Lions, Cannes, France

June 21  /  Roundtable: Header Bidding, New York, NY


Content Roundup: Wind Beneath Twitter’s Wings? — There Will be blood Data — Amazonian AdTech

Here’s some of our fav MadTech news from the last two weeks — Who’s down with OTT? Time to break up Big Data? Social media soars? Marketing automation, and more…  Plus, this coming week, we’ll go deep on our blog about Amazon’s next move in digital media space..

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The World’s Most Valuable Resource Is No Longer Oil. It’s Data. The Economist,  May 6, 2017
The attention economy demands a new approach to antitrust rules as Google, Facebook, et. al., become
the new Standard Oil…
#finance #bigData #monopoly

YouTube Is Adding 40 Original Programs With Celebrities and Creators Adweek,  May 5, 2017
YouTube is going after traditional television ad dollars with exclusive new programs, and the brands who cut them off weeks ago are coming back…
#video #ott #youtube

Twitter Makes The Case For Live at Its Inaugural NewFronts AdExchanger, May 2, 2017m
Twitter added 9 million new users in Q1 after several quarters of disappointing earnings. Is it getting its wings back, thanks to livestreaming?
#social #emerging #twitter

Amazon Confirms Advertising Will Become A ‘Meaningful’ Part Of Its Business The Drum, Apr. 28, 2017
Bezos and co. prodded other parts of adTech with the launch of its cloud-based header bidding product in December…
#finance #amazon

5X More Marketing Automation Vendors Added Than Removed MarTech Conference  Apr. 26, 2017
If you bet on consolidation over the past six years, it’s time to pay your bookie…
#marketingAutomation #crowded



May 15 – 17  /  TechCrunch Disrupt, New York, NY

May 19 – 22 / International Conference on Virtual Reality, Hong Kong

May 24  / Roundtable: OTT & Audience Targeting for Video, New York, NY

May 31 – June 2  / Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit, Scottsdale, AZ


Content Roundup: Bots Influence Humans – Amazon Says Yes to the Dress – What does $850mm buy Oracle?

Here come our staff’s fav MadTech news pics from the last two weeks — juicy stuff on programmatic, on-demand retail, robot persuasion…  Plus, don’t miss our blog this coming week as we share insider insights from our Roundtable on Influencer Marketing.

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eMarketer Releases New Programmatic Advertising EstimateseMarketer
Apr. 18, 2017
Despite the negative press around programmatic advertising following the YouTube ad controversy, programmatic isn’t going anywhere…
#programmatic #forecast

How Influencer Chatbots Could Close the Gap Between Content and CommerceThe Drum
Jan. 18, 2017
Brandtech group You & Mr Jones has worked on the “first ever” influencer chatbot for US makeup brand Covergirl. According to them, the next frontier for brands will be…
#influencerMarketing #social #chatbots

Western YouTube Stars Look to Crack the Chinese Social Networks  — Digiday
Apr. 14, 2017
Yoola is localizing select influencer videos from YouTube and distributing them on Chinese social networks. They easily created millions of views in two months…
#international #video #influencerMarketing

Amazon Wins Patent for On-Demand Textile Manufacturing — RetailDIVE
Apr. 19, 2017
Can Amazon slip into something more comfortable? Imagine programmatic retail and garment yield management based on purchase history…
#retail #ecommerce #Amazon

Oracle To Acquire Digital Measurement Firm Moat — AdExchange
Apr. 18, 2017
Someone told Recode that Oracle will pay more than $850 million for Moat. Will the acquisition allow Oracle extend its marketing and data clouds’ abilities?
#financial #Oracle #Moat



May 8 – 9  /  DIGIMARCON EAST, New York, NY

May 9 – 10  /  MarTech Conference, San Francisco, CA

May 10 – 12  /  Gartner Digital Marketing Conference, San Diego, CA

May 24  /  OTT & Audience Targeting for Video Roundtable, New York, NY


Content Roundup: Chicken nuggets, Google gets a cold shower, Rubicon’s FastLane

In case you missed it, here are our staff’s fav MadTech news picks from the last two weeks. Notice something new? #Hashtags! We want to know what you’ve been reading, and what we missed. Tell us on Twitter, Facebook… or button it up on LinkedIn.  

In case you missed it 2x, here’s our previous Roundup (#redundant).



News Corp & Unruly seeking to redefine programmatic through new private marketplacesThe Drum, Apr. 10, 2017
Media buyers can now buy inventory that matches a person’s mood…
#emerging #programmatic #partnership

How The NYT, CNN, and HuffPo approach publishing on platformsNieman Lab, Mar. 30, 2017
A study from Columbia University examines how social platforms have changed journalism.
#publishing #study #social

Rubicon Project Announces Early Successes from Video Header Bidding BetaYahoo Finance, Apr. 6, 2017
The Exchange announced the initial results experienced by publishers using its video header bidding product…
#beta #emerging #programmatic

Diana Ionel, Starcom Romania: “The cold shower for Google is a good thing…”, Mar. 30, 2017
“No matter how sophisticated targeting is right now, the association with quality content involves a judgment on that content…”
#content #international

The Kendall Jenner Pepsi Creative BriefMedium, Apr. 6, 2017
This parody brief for Pepsi’s massive tone-deafness is right on the nose… 
#blowingIt #pepsi

World record for retweets could be broken over some free chicken nuggets The Verge, Apr. 6, 2017
A social media win for Wendy’s. Are you in one of the 2.7 million retweets?



April 19 – 20  /  Conversion Conference, Las Vegas, NV

April 23 – 26  /  Marketing Nation Summit, San Francisco, CA

April 25  /  Empire Startups FinTech Conference, New York, NY

April 26  /  Influencer Marketing Roundtable, New York, NY


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Media We Like: “Backlash to the Walled Gardens?”

Here come the I.I. team’s headline roundup. Last week was terrible for Google. Will it be the beginning of advertisers standing up against the walled gardens? Ten brands rock in programmatic buying, whether doing it in-house or letting agencies pull the levers. We are just in the 1st inning of Sales Tech growth – hello to another crowded LUMAscape. (See our previous weekly picks here.)

YouTube Advertiser Exodus Highlights Perils of Online Ads (The New York Times) – Mar. 23, 2017
Google and YouTube are facing a full-scale advertising boycott from major brands like Wal-Mart, PepsiCo and Verizon. (CNET, Mar. 24)

The Top Ten Programmatic Advertisers (AdExchanger) – Mar. 20, 2017
The ten brands who fully embrace data-driven marketing, and understand how to work with a vast partner ecosystem and quality oversight.

Some responses following by P&G Pritchard’s seismic talk:
Premium publishers say They Can Solve His Digital Ad Problems (Advertising Age) – Feb. 16, 2017
DCN, an association of publishers including Hearst and NYT, argues that advertising with high-quality websites is one way out of the digital mess. “The primary way to avoid fraud is economic rather than technical.”

Voice from DSP: A New Era for Advertising Transparency Is Here (The Trade Desk) – Feb. 14, 2017
“To really move the needle on, our industry has got to reduce the conflict of interest it has accepted in the past.” In 2o16, The Trade Desk passed $1 billion in platform spend as non-display products gain stream. (AdExchanger, Feb. 16)

The Future of Sales Tech (LUMA) – Mar. 14, 2017
With over $25bn already invested across thousands of companies in MarTech, it is easy to see how the Sales Tech sector could experience similar growth – if not more.

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Post-cookie era coming?

Media We Like: “Post-Cookie Era Coming”

Here come the I.I. team’s picks for the week. This week, it’s (again) the end of cookie measurement. Is it for real this time? Both Facebook and Snapchat are the new TV. And TripleLift introduces a — wait for it — first price auction. (See our roundup of 2017 MadTech trends here.)

A view of the post-cookie measurement battleground (Digiday) – Jan. 18, 2017
Identity measurement is hot in online advertising, again. “It’s the beginning of the post-cookie ecosystem,” with GroupM joining this field where Google and Facebook currently dominate.

The Evolution of Data Journalism (The Content Strategist) – Jan. 17, 2017
For content, data work.

Ad Viewability is All Wrong: Double Standards Create Lack of Consistency (ExchangeWire) – Feb. 8, 2017
Currency has switched from a served impression to a viewable impression. But there are various standards floating and publishers are scrambling to redesign their ad space to maximize viewability.

The Radical Future Of Branding (Co.Design) – Feb. 2, 2017
Conventional wisdom has it that brands shouldn’t talk politics. Why risk alienating potential customers? That was before Donald Trump.

Facebook Steers Publishers To Long-Form Video (MediaPost) – Jan. 17, 2017
Facebook is encouraging its publishing partners to move away from live streaming video in favor of producing more long-form video, as it is poised to introduce new mid-roll video ad products. Oh, and have you heard that “Snapchat is the new TV?” (WSJ, Feb. 5.)

TripleLift Builds Server-Side Header Bidding For Native Ads (AdExchanger) – Feb. 7, 2017
TripleLift will run a first-price auction among all participating partners, a shift from the OpenRTB spec of a second-price auction. The move could result in higher payouts for publishers.

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MadTech 2017: chatbots and more

Media We Like: “MadTech 2017: Chatbots & Better Use Of Data”

What will 2017 look like in MarTech and AdTech? Here are some thoughts from others we liked. (See our 2016 recap here.)

Marketers from Virgin, IBM, Facebook and FCB Global share their predictions after an eventful year (The Drum)
“Deciphering unstructured data will be a key differentiator.” Plus, “we’ll see customer service transformed online through the proliferation of chatbots.”

Trends for 2017: AR, Chatbots, Influencers 2.0 and more (Marketing Week)
Marketing Week outlines 12 trends, predictions and issues that will gain pace over the next 12 months. More about dark social, micro-influencers and AR (The Huffington Post)

Programmatic ad-buying in 2017: What marketers should know (Marketing Tech News)
With programmatic projected to increase to $42bn in 2020, here points out 3 key trends in 2017: better use of data, programmatic creative, and bringing ad tech in-house.

The Biggest Trend In Ad Tech We’ll See In 2017: The Pay Per Transaction Model (Forbes)
In the era of Voice Search, Pay Per Impression and Pay Per Click models do not translate well here. Which is why Google are considering Pay Per Transaction, in what would be the biggest shift in advertising in years.

Survival Guide 2017: Ad Tech Turns Digital Duopoly Into Three-Way Brawl (AdAge)
Though the three tech titans have a combined market cap of $1.21 trillion, only Google is firmly entrenched among marketers’ and publishers’ automated ad deals. But the meteoric rise of header bidding has Amazon and Facebook smelling opportunity.

5 charts: Forecasting the 2017 global ad market (Digiday)
Researchers predict that digital ad spend will finally usurp TV ad spend next year. Also, mobile will take up nearly all of the global advertising growth, with social video being the major driver.

10 Digital Media and Marketing Predictions for 2017 (AdWeek)
A panel of digital marketing and technology experts shared their predictions for the future of influencer marketing, digital customer service and more.

Dorian also shared his predictions in our previous headline roundup: “It’s Everyone Against Facebook and Google. Plus, Chatbots and AI.”

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Image Source: GetApp Lab

The Year Header Bidding Went Mainstream

Media We Like: “Header Bidding & Consolidation: 2016 MadTech Recap”

This week, the I.I. team brings our collection of 2016 recaps in MarTech and AdTech. What is going to happen in 2017? Stay tuned next week.  (See our previous headline roundup here.)

Digital advertising: Where we are now and where we’re headed (The Drum) – Dec. 15, 2016
There’s one theme that unifies much of what happened in ad tech over the past year: change. Header bidding was, without a doubt, the top trend of the year. And other keywords are video and consolidation.

The Year Header Bidding Went Mainstream (AdExchanger) – Dec 27, 2016
A timeline listing what the major players did in each month.

M&A 2016: The Year Ad Tech Cautiously Rose Again (AdExchanger) – Dec. 30, 2016
Ad tech M&A has been a roller coaster in recent years, and 2016 certainly didn’t let up. In 2015, public and private marketplace sentiment cooled, but 2016 saw a resurgence – albeit a much more cautious one than in years past.

Why 2016 Was The Beginning of The End of The Current Ad Tech Cycle (ExchangeWire) – Dec. 23, 2016
There is a sense in the industry that there needs to be a ‘clear out’ of the current crop of programmatic vendors – beginning from Adobe’s acquisition of TubeMogul to the coming AppNexus IPO.

The Year in Technology: 2016 in Charts (Bloomberg Gadfly) – Dec 30, 2016
Advertising becomes a two-horse race as Google and Facebook accounted for 58% US digital ad revenue in 2016.

10 Media and Advertising Predictions That Didn’t Come True in 2016 (The Wall Street Journal) – Dec 29, 2016
Things that didn’t happen like “the ad tech sector would be decimated”; “TV advertising, like it always had, would help decide the election”; and “media metrics would get solved.”

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Image Source: AdExchanger

a man looking at laptop

Media We Like: “Data, clarifying lens or shenanigans?”

Here come the I.I. team’s picks for the week. (See our previous headline roundup here.)

Fake it till you make it’: Confessions of a recovering ad tech executive (Digiday) – Jan. 10, 2017
(From Dorian) “Almost all of the tech startups feel like, we’ll fake it until we have enough scale or data or algorithms get smarter.” Until then, it’s “shenanigans.”

Axios launches newsletters, gearing up toward a full-fledged site just in time for the Trump administration (Nieman Journalism Lab) – Jan. 9, 2017
(From Dorian) “We also want to make sure we reach the universe of serious news readers, anyone who on a daily basis consumes serious news. We think that’s roughly 15 to 20 percent of the adult population.”

Forecasts: Programmatic, Native on the up (BizReport) – Dec. 6, 2016
(From Mark C.) There’s a 15% to 20% increase in programmatic display pricing as we head toward 2018. And it is believed the next five years will show strong growth for native formats, with social helping to push growth.

2016 Marketing Technology Landscape ( – March 2016
(From Jonathon) So packed that you have to zoom in and zoom in to see a clear company logo.

Publishers are using their newsletters as labs for new offerings (Digiday) – Nov. 2, 2016
(From Chris) Newsletter subscribers are disproportionately loyal readers, which makes them an ideal group to test ideas on.

EU Proposes New Rules That Could Limit Web Tracking for Ads (The Wall Street Journal) – Jan. 10, 2017
(From Melody) Users would have to consent to website cookies. Potentially hitting the bottom line for big online ad brokers like Google and Facebook.

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