Media We Like: “High Quality Research Catches Executives’ Eyes”

Read some I.I. team members’ faves to start 2017. (See our previous headline roundup here.)

BuzzFeed’s boss gives 7 ways the Internet will win in media (Recode) – Dec. 19, 2016
(From Dorian) But it will take a very long time, he says.

Credibility is based on the quality of research, not the brand (The Economist Group) – June, 2016
(From Jonathon)  Nearly half of executives would consider a new source of content if it were a “source of hard facts,” says ‘Thought Leadership Disrupted: New Rules for the Content Age.”

The Secret Agenda of a Facebook Quiz (The New York Times) – Nov. 19, 2016
(From Chris) Imagine the full capability of this kind of “psychographic” advertising. Take this election as an example.

Light at the End of the Funnel: Why the Marketing Revolution is About to Arrive (REDEF) – Jun. 8, 2016
(From Dorian) With the reduction of friction involved in going through the funnel, customer loyalty to brands without truly differentiated offerings is likely to decline.

Google And Facebook Are Killing AdTech Funding (PYMNTS) – Jan. 3, 2017
(From Jonathon) The number and value of AdTech venture deals dropped in 2016. Where have the VCs gone? See Jonathon’s viewpoint here.

IBM Watson to Make Unruly’s Digital Video Ads More Targeted (Nasdaq) – Dec. 20, 2016
(From Matthew) Unruly DNA, a British AdTech company, will use machine learning to zero in on prospective customers most likely to purchase a particular brand.

Between Alexa and Google, publishers now have to develop on two voice platforms (Digiday) – Dec. 22, 2016
(From Mark C.) While there are many similarities, Alexa and Assistant are apples and oranges. Plus (from Chris): Alexa: Amazon’s Operating System (Stratechery) – Jan. 4, 2017

In 2017: It’s Everyone Against Facebook and Google. Plus, Chatbots and AI (MediaShift) – Jan. 3, 2017
(By Dorian) Advertisers will try to preserve at least some alternatives to the Mothra and Godzilla of digital advertising.

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