Ads.txt Errors: Here's What the Data Says

Adoption of Ads.txt by publishers has grown quickly over the last six months. While many publishers view this as a nuisance, they are deploying an increasing number of ad buys, and are adopting Ads.txt files to whitelist demand sources for...

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3 Key Takeaways from California's Consumer Privacy Act

California's State Legislature passed the California Consumer Privacy Act yesterday. While the law does not take effect until January 2020, this is a big deal now for both consumers and data purveyors (including all advertisers, sellers, and...

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Programmatic Publishing Just got a Little Less Complex



Announcing PubMonitor from Industry Index – easy monitoring for Ads.txt, data leakage, and maintaining the optimal stack.

The responsibilities of programmatic teams are rapidly expanding – yet again. Ensuring tech issues aren’t blocking...

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