660 Minutes

Get your piece of the CMO's limited attention with relevant research. How? Well, we recently published a study, Research + Content = MadTechSales. The takeaway:  “Research based content trumps all other forms of marketing.”

We’re not saying the industry isn’t already generating thought provoking, innovative, fresh and informative research. But competition amongst industry experts in the attention economy is growing fierce. Every marketer of MadTech has to… well, bring their A-game. So what does an A-game look like?  

First, audience: Marketers have to strategize and focus on who the research needs to reach and impress. According to new research from Gartner, “Marketing tech budgets are on track to exceed the amount of money CIOs spend on technology in the coming year.” So, let’s connect the dots… the most sought after potential customer for MadTech vendors is the CMO — one of the hardest people to connect with, and even harder to keep their interest.

Second, budget: MadTech vendors have to cease misallocating budgets by accurately accounting for how much money marketing companies are generating towards technology. From the research Gartner depicted, Forbes broke down the numbers: “The average marketing expense budget is now equivalent to 12% of company revenue, and 27% of that is allocated to marketing tech… This 27% is 5 percentage points higher than what CMOs allocate to paid media… Further this 27% means that 3.2% of a company’s revenue is now set aside for marketing technology.” These numbers shine a true light on the importance of tech and who is going to control the budget in coming years.

We hear you saying, “Challenge accepted.” But before you go charging into the CMOs office…

According to Digiday, “The average person spends more than 11 hours each week reading emails, and competition is fierce for every one of those 660 minutes.” This. Is. Just. The. Average. Person. An OMD executive was painfully honest with us, stating, “I actually don’t answer my phone.” Gulp.

What does a vendor have to do in order to stand out and hold a CMOs attention?

With a strategic email marketing plan, research-driven content and the realization of where efforts have to be focused in the coming year — MadTech vendors will be able to offer something more to CMOs. Recalling again our recently published study, “Research-based content trumps all other forms of marketing and can make other communication initiatives more effective.” In order for this research to be effective, it needs to be contextually relevant. According to ourIndex Insights, 93% of surveyed panelists say that relevant research will positively impact a company as a potential partner. But then only 14% said they’ve received thought-leadership content that was relevant.

Marketers of MadTech, you have your work cut out for you. But if you have information the CMO needs, she might have something you want: Her attention.