The Essential Benchmarking Study for Technology Providers Explained

Industry Index has developed the
Essential Benchmarking Study – a focused, cost-conscious version of our highly effective, custom Brand Perception research processes.

Traditionally, our research and content services help AdTech and MarTech companies develop and deploy custom content to drive demand, build brand awareness, and convert new business. However, every year roughly 25% of our research projects are designed to deliver content and insights not intended for the broader market, but for the clients’ own executives and marketing teams. We call these research projects Brand Perception Studies. Brand Perception Studies provide data and analysis to determine clients’ current positioning and market perceptions, and to provide crucial brand differentiation and future positioning insights. This research ultimately aids in focusing marketing messages to successfully position our clients’ brands.

The Essential Benchmarking Study is born from this research process. Thorough a standardized set of research questions and an efficient process, these surveys yield the specific data and analysis needed to pinpoint crucial brand differentiation and positioning insights, without the time and greater cost typically incurred with more extensive research studies.

Major areas of study include:

  • Defining brand perceptions versus major competitors

  • Qualifying current customer/marketplace challenges

  • Gathering specific insights to aid in attracting customers


The larger design of our Essential Benchmarking Study is to help clients understand how they fit into the MadTech ecosystem – what associations are made with their brand; which are the strongest attributes of competitors; and what features and capabilities are most important to different market segments.


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