Data Leak or AdTech Piggybacking Deluge?

Brand safety and revenue questions abound as DMP data showcases heavy data leakage and piggybacking.

Data Management Platforms (among other tech players) are often passing data to DOZENS of different piggybackers PER TAG LOAD. Looking at the top 25,000 websites (based on Quantcast traffic rankings), we see hard data that supports that narrative.

How much data leakage is necessary? Are pubs not keeping their eyes on AdTech vendors? Who stands to gain? Who is losing? 

Remember, the data below are averages. There are many brands and publishers out there with much higher leakage stats.


How to Read the Data:

Installs = Percent of websites (of the top 25K Quantcast-ranked sites) that are actively using the technology as a first-party provider. (first-party is defined here). This typically insinuates a contractual arrangement. 

Data Leakage Frequency = Percentage of instances where an installed, first-party technology shares data with one or more (typically more, see below) third-party, "piggybacking" technologies, on any given site in the sample set. 

Average Number of Piggybacking Technologies = Averaged number of piggybacking technologies each first-party technology is sharing data with – this average is per instance



With Salesforce DMP, the frequency and the piggybackers per tag load are both significant.






With the largest marketshare within the DMP category, Adobe Audience Manager has over 5,200 installs in the top 25k sites. Their leakage frequency is lower than Salesforce DMP, but still a very noteworthy number if you're an Adobe customer.





Nielsen Marketing Cloud is the smallest of the 3 DMPs shown here, however, the frequency of their piggybacking is the highest - nearing one third of all installs. However their share count is much lower, indicating a more specific and limited set of data partners.


To check your own site's data leakage, visit and search for your website.