How to Purchase Customer Lists from Industry Index

Once you have purchased a Tech Stack Intelligence Platform Subscription for $99/month (Get a free 30-day trial of this subscription type) you will gain access to our valuable Customer Lists. Our subscribers have unlimited access to these Customer Lists and each list is available through a web-browser as "view-only" data. If a subscriber would like to download a Customer List and export it as a .csv file, each Customer List download is available as an additional individual purchase for $99 per list. Each list that is downloaded is limited to 2,500 customer names and delivered as a .csv file that is formatted for ease of use and direct integration to your CRM.

Downloadable Customer List .csv files Include:

  • Up to 2,500 Customer Names (websites that the Technology is detected on)
  • Customer Name and Domain
  • Web Traffic Rank (Quantcast 1K, 10K, 100K, 1MM)
  • Number of Employees
  • Industry Classification
  • Number of Technologies the Customer is using
  • .csv file formatted for easy CRM integration



Purchase a Customer List in three easy steps...

Most subscribers using our Customer Lists for Account Targeting and Prospecting find that our unlimited access Customer Lists are most valuable when filtered and sorted, allowing the user to accurately target and customize the results to a more narrow and specific focus. To better serve the users needs we have set up our Client List filtering variables to allow sorting and filtering by name, website traffic, industry, company size, and customer segment. 



Customer List Purchase - Step 1



Customer List Purchase - Step 2


Once the Customer List has been customized using the sort and filter controls the subscriber is able to purchase the customized Customer List by clicking on the "BUY CUSTOMER LIST" button located next to the filters. If a user does not wish to customize the Customer List using the sort and filter features they can simply purchase the Customer List in the standard format and limited to 2,500 customer names.  




Once the purchase has been confirmed and your credit card has been charged the one-time purchase fee of $99 the Customer List .csv file will automatically download via your web browser. The file will be organized and formatted based on the custom filter and sort settings set via the platform interface. The .csv file can then be used a standalone data or imported directly into your CRM tool to be used for Account Targeting and Sales Prospecting.


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