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Announcing PubMonitor from Industry Index – easy monitoring for Ads.txt, data leakage, and maintaining the optimal stack.

The responsibilities of programmatic teams are rapidly expanding – yet again. Ensuring tech issues aren’t blocking revenue... managing discrepancies… connecting the pipes of a thousand integrations… monetization issues... And recently, Ad Ops teams have been tasked with even more monitoring:  

  • Are your ads.txt files inaccurate, missing demand?
  • Are you sharing data safely with first and third parties? Are you sure your data isn’t leaking to piggybackers that you haven’t approved, creating deeper GDPR compliance liabilities?
  • Are you sure only current, approved partners are on site? Have you shut down unwanted and legacy tech?

We get it. It’s at least a little unfair that so much of this has again fallen on the desks of already constrained Ad Ops and revenue teams. Good news: We imagined a world where the tedium of pub stack monitoring is a job for the machines – a world where people are free to do more strategic (read: revenue-driving) work.

PubMonitor Product Promo by Industry Index

To make stack monitoring simple,
Industry Index
 has launched a comprehensive auditing toolPubMonitor is a simple and affordable (it’s expenseable!) suite of monitoring tools that use machine learning and technographic data to make stack monitoring much simpler. And it doesn't require adding code on your site. Features include:

  1. Ads.txt Monitoring: Identify at-a-glance where you may be missing potential demand – inventory partners who aren’t listed – or listed incorrectly – and listed partners who aren’t buying.
  2. Active Stack Tech Inventory Analysis: See which technologies are directly in-use, and the nature of your relationships (1st-party or piggybacking).
  3. Data Leakage Reporting: Know with whom your 1st-party partners are sharing data, illuminating potential leakage, GDPR exposure, and how vendors are accessing your inventory.

PubMonitor - Wake up Fresh

Rest easy. PubMonitor will proactively alert you when it detects new issues in your stack – and send you a simple report so you can go home on Friday night. The machines don’t even know what brunch is.

We’re looking for a few smart publishers to join the beta phase – at a smartly-reduced price – to help us gather feedback and hone this thing to a razor-sharp point.

Get a Free 30 Day Trial
– a limited offer to see some of the summary data and active technology audits.

Need to see a demo first? Less adventurous, but makes sense. Click here.

We’re excited. Our humans are standing by to sign you up.  



Trip Foster
Trip Foster
Experienced sales and marketing executive with deep knowledge building software and digital media businesses.