Programmatic Publishing Just got a Little Less Complex



Announcing PubMonitor from Industry Index – easy monitoring for Ads.txt, data leakage, and maintaining the optimal stack.

The responsibilities of programmatic teams are rapidly expanding – yet again. Ensuring tech issues aren’t blocking...

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It's not your partner, it's your partner's partner.

Listen, we know you’re a good publisher. We know you do your best to make good decisions and to partner only with the best technology vendors. But you don’t know who your tech partners are partnering with. If this sounds like I’m giving you the...

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3 Key Takeaways from California's Consumer Privacy Act

California's State Legislature passed the California Consumer Privacy Act yesterday. While the law does not take effect until January 2020, this is a big deal now for both consumers and data purveyors (including all advertisers, sellers, and...

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GDPR Compliance — Sorry, But It's Only Begun

Stage 1 of publishers' GDPR journeys is complete. Now onto the real work... 

The buildup to the GDPR starting pistol on 25th May 2018 was amazing.

We’ve just witnessed publishers’ crazy, last minute GDPR compliance scramble to implement the...

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Industry Index & Technographics - Evidence Over Eminence


The case for technographics in MarTech, AdTech, DataTech (MADtech).

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